Our Team

just a few of our key players

PHARABA HACKER-WITT (Producer, Writer)

A veteran of long-form television, Pharaba began her career working in production on several Movies of the Week. Transitioning from production to development she took a position at Alliance Atlantis rising the ranks to story editor. Involved in development from all sides including budgeting and scheduling and production through deliver for projects such as HBO Creature Features, Call Me Claus, Hell on Heels-the Battle of Mary Kay, Hitler: the Rise of Evil, Salem Witch Trials, Jenifer and The Matthew Shepard Story.

From there she moved to director of development at Seeing Eye Productions helping to secure deals for White House Wedding and Final Appeal. Pharaba decided to strike out on her own opening Pander Productions to develop a slate of projects she had been gathering over the years working with various writers and producers she met along the way. She has won best producer awards for her webseries as well as taking home top honors at Comic Con for a short she produced.

Pander develops projects across all platforms: film, TV and the web. Pharaba has projects in development with major agencies, production companies and channels such as SyFy, USA, HBO and Fox. The company has put together award winning projects, independent films and continues to develop a variety of new content. Some of Pharaba's favorites include the thriller Kate, the series The Point, MOW Death Cats, horror film Ravage, the epic feature Ahhotep and kid's series Revolving Door.

JEFF KETCHAM (Producer, Director)

​Instead of taking his summers to relax, like most college students, Jeff used it as an opportunity to jumpstart his career in Hollywood. He worked in the development department for both Phoenix Pictures and Revolution Studios.  Knowing from a young age he wanted to direct, this was the perfect beginning to his career.  He knew he needed to know everything he could about all sides of the business. Three days after graduating from Miami University, Jeff made the cross-country trip from Toledo, OH to L.A. for the third time in the same number of years. Upon settling in he began working in the production office on a number of feature films such as Christmas With the Kranks, Bewitched, and Benchwarmers, the last of which he jumped to learn yet another facet of movie making and began working on set.

Having proven himself in the production office Jeff was offered a position with the AD department on Benchwarmers. Combining his hard work ethic along with his ability to problem solve on the fly, Jeff soon had everyone convinced that he was a veteran on set when in reality it was his first studio movie. Soon after the movie finished Jeff worked on numerous projects, some of which include Click and Transformers.In 2007,

In 2007 he signed on full-time with Happy Madison working directly with Allen Covert. Never satisfied doing just one thing, Jeff continues to tackle numerous side projects with a never-ending zeal. Above all else, Jeff remains an aspiring director. One of his first directing jobs was shooting the pilot presentation of Infamous, which he then went on to help produce, in conjunction with Pander Productions, as a successful web series. Jeff’s most recent directing jobs include a new web series, The GameRev.Com and various music videos for bands such as The Rescues. 

ANDY GEISEL (Producer, Writer)

​As a Producer, Associate Producer and Post Production Supervisor, Andy has worked on hundreds of hours of television programming, scripted and non-scripted, for all the major broadcast networks, and numerous cable channels, including Nickelodeon, Spike, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, VH-1, MTV, WE, Animal Planet and The Disney Channel, among many others.

Andy has written for the WB series Popular, co-written several pilots including the sitcom Mrs. President, inner city drama Kid Gloves, teen science fiction drama Offspring and outer space western Badlands, written with veteran writer, Larry Hertzog. Andy’s screenplays include Mary, the true story of silent screen legend Mary Pickford and V-2, about rocket scientist Werner Von Braun. Andy and co-writer Pharaba Hacker-Witt are currently writing The Devil in Paris, the true story of the hunt for a serial killer in Nazi-occupied France.

As a published journalist, Andy has 10 years experience writing news, arts, sports and lifestyle stories for the Mammoth Times, The Sheet, Mammoth Sierra Magazine and VisitMammoth.com, among other outlets. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America (P.G.A.) and the Outdoor Writers Association of California.


After graduating from Western Michigan University, Craig Bonacorsi made his way to New York. He decided he might find more opportunity to act in New York as fewer actors seemed to be heading that way.  He was right and not too long after showing up he made his television debut as a recurring character on Max Bickford.  Unfortunately the show was cancelled, but for one season Craig learned as much, if not more, from set than he had in his entire education.  It also fueled the already strong desire to make it as an actor.  While in New York he also landed a role in the show Starmites 2001; where he starred alongside Eric Millegan. Enjoying the theatre was great, but Craig knew he wanted to conquer the big and small screen.  SAG card in hand, he decided it was time to brave the big, bad world of Los Angeles.

​Moving to Los Angeles did not come without its own trials, but he already had one ace in the hole, good friend AJ Wedding.  They began working together on shorts and immediately revived talks of Infamous, a series of scenes they had written in their heads back in college.  While neither one knew where to take it, they finally began to put something down on paper.  After meeting Pharaba through AJ they started formulating their scenes into a series for television which eventually became talks of a possible webseries. And so the writing bug hit. Craig realized he had talents beyond acting and decided to take on both sides of story-telling.

He continues to act having shot the feature film Under the Desert Sun and The Legend of Bloody Jack, he also produced and starred in a short he wrote, Kate as a proof of concept for a feature. He has been writing a variety of series projects as well as a horror film that is currently being shopped, Ravage.